Photos: The Natasha Noel Story.

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    Natasha Noel is a yoga star, a motivational speaker, a photographer, a blogger, a dancer, and a huge social media sensation!

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    Natasha Noel was a former professional dancer, turned to yoga after she suffered a knee injury.

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    She is a motivational speaker and is vocal about her experiences of dealing with rape, abuse, and depression, and is passionate about breaking the stigma in society that surrounds these topics.

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    She is also a trained yoga teacher and self-professed ambassador of positivity and love.

    She is a true social media star, with over 166,000 followers on Instagram.

    Not just yoga, she even addresses issues that girls face these days through her videos issues such as receiving obscene images online, people staring on the roads, and body image issues.

    Natasha is now full of positive vibes which she constantly shares through her videos with her thousands of followers on social media.


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