Expert Tips to Avoid Common Diwali Workout Pitfalls

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    “‘Tis the season when your taste buds waltz with sweets, and your yoga mat mysteriously disappears under a pile of gifts. The allure of lavish feasts, late-night shindigs, and irresistible treats might make even the most devoted fitness buff question their dedication. But before you swap dumbbells for doughnuts and lunges for laddoos, let’s peek at these festive fitness fumbles. We chatted with an expert for some pro tips on avoiding these pitfalls and keeping those fitness goals intact amid the celebrations.

    Mistake #1: Taking a “Short Break” from Your Workout Routine

    The little devil on your shoulder might whisper that a brief gym hiatus won’t hurt your fitness journey much. But those “short breaks” can quickly morph into extended vacations from exercise, making it a struggle to bounce back. According to Gauthaman Ramesh, Fitness Expert at, putting your fitness journey on pause for the festivities is a big reason for derailing a healthy lifestyle.

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    Diwali isn’t an excuse to ditch your sweat sessions. Instead, sneak in quick, effective workouts into your bustling schedule. Who knows, you might end up having a healthier and more vibrant festive season. “Aim for 10k steps or do a quick home workout for 15-20 minutes,” suggests Ramesh. And don’t forget to schedule your workouts—mark a time in your calendar and stick to it.

    Mistake #2: Drowning in Delights

    Classic move—indulging without a hint of guilt. But is that extra serving of jalebis truly worth all the sweat and tears you’ve shed to achieve your workout goals? While it’s okay to savour Diwali treats, moderation is key. “Practice portion control, skip second servings, and consider having a quick salad or protein shake before a festive meal or party,” advises Ramesh. These strategies can help strike a healthy balance.

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    Mistake #3: Going on a Booze Binge

    Whether it’s the allure of an extra peg of whiskey or an endless round of shots, the line between merriment and mayhem can blur faster than fairy lights on Diwali night. The hangover isn’t the only aftermath—excessive drinking can disrupt your fitness journey. If you can’t skip alcohol entirely, limit your intake to 1 or 2 drinks. “Do not mix them with other calorie-rich beverages, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach,” says Ramesh. Opt for low-calorie drinks like wine or non-alcoholic beverages such as jaljeera.

    Mistake #4: Sacrificing Your Sleep

    In the midst of social gatherings and late-night parties, it’s easy to let your sleep schedule go haywire. Sacrificing those crucial hours can wreak havoc on your well-being. It leaves you fatigued, disrupts your metabolism, and makes you more likely to reach for that extra serving of sweets to stay awake. Ramesh suggests waking up early during the festive season to align your sleep cycle. “Power naps are also a great way to catch up on lost sleep. Quick 30-minute naps can go a long way,” he adds.

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