Top 5 Nutrients for Healthy Eyes

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    Realize, healthy eyes!

    The eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the body. They are, however, prone to itching, red eyes, and discomfort. These issues can emerge for a variety of reasons, ranging from pollution to hunger. In response, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee stated, “While most of these conditions require medical attention, a healthy diet could speed up recovery.” The eyes, like all other organs of the body, require sufficient nutrition.” The specialist also recommended the following food guidelines for healthy eyes.

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    Vitamin A

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    Vitamin A is particularly beneficial to the eyes when ingested in the form of vegetables and fruits such as mangoes and papaya, as well as milk and cream.

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    Natural sources of Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 include soybean and paneer, as well as legumes and broccoli.


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    For improved and healthy eyes, calcium should be incorporated into the daily diet in the form of almonds, walnuts, rajma, bajri, and oats.

    Vitamin E

    Leafy vegetables, whole wheat, and cashew nuts are high in Vitamin E and should be included in your regular diet.

    Omega 3 Fats

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    Cod liver oil is high in Omega 3 Fats and is believed to improve vision and promote healthy eyes.

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