The Tree Pose Is Now A Challenge, Have You Tried It Yet?

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    We’ve been gushing about Yoga for ages, and the Western culture has only recently caught on. Everyone has jumped on the yoga bandwagon, including us. The Tree Pose, also known as Vrikshasana, is this week’s Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge. It has numerous advantages. Not only are we talking about physical improvements, but also about the tranquillity and calmness that your mind achieves. Let’s go into the specifics of this issue.

    How to Perform the Tree Pose

    1. Straighten your spine, spread your toes, press your feet into the mat, and tense your leg muscles. Raise your front hip points toward your lower ribs to elevate your lower belly softly.
    2. Deeply inhale while raising your chest, and exhale while drawing your shoulder blades down your back. Look straight ahead at a stable vantage point.
    3. Raise your right foot up onto your left thigh or shin with your hands on your hips. Make no touch with the knee.
    4. Put your right foot and left leg together.
    5. Check that your pelvis is squared to the front and level.
    6. When you feel stable, make Anjali Mudra with your hands at your heart or spread your arms upwards like branches reaching for the sun.
    7. Hold for several breaths before returning to Mountain Pose and repeating on the other side.

    Benefits of the Tree Pose

    This standing stance can help you enhance your balance, postural awareness, and body awareness. Aside from its physical benefits, this pose can help to calm and relax the mind, reducing nervous thoughts and sensations.

    Eligibility requirements for the Fitistan Friday Challenge

    • Please finish the challenge and include your full name and time or reps completed.
    • Use hashtag #FitBharatTreePose
    • Tag @thefitistan & @fastandup_india
    • Once the challenge is completed, please DO NOT FORGET to complete the Google form. 
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    • Remember to Tag 3 People in your post (may be any of your friends/family/neighbours).
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