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Jacqueline Fernandez rocking those sexy moves!

  Jacqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan beauty is known for her sizzling, sexy figure, gorgeous looks, and stunning beauty, all the outcome of a rigorous...

Shipla Shetty and her Yoga Moves!

Shilpa Shetty the bold and beautiful actress was introduced to Yoga by her Physiotherapist, whom she consulted for a recurring neck pain. Yoga worked for...

Chair Adaptive Yoga | Seema Dabas

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults to get the wonderful health benefits of yoga. Yoga expert Seema Dabas throws light on...

Complete Yoga Tutorial

And here it is! The complete yoga tutorial by Seema Dabas for all you yoga enthusiasts! Follow this routine first thing in the morning...

Bow Pose by Pooja Batra

We've been complaining about back pain due to our daily hectic routine and no time to rest. Pooja Batra shows the perfect form of...

Taapsee Pannu’s Fitness And Diet Secrets

Taapsee just revealed that she literally lives to eat and that it has been hard for her to control her diet. Here are some...

Sound Therapy: Healing Therapy

Music can lift your mood, get you moving, and improve your health. When you compare the calming sound of trickling water to the unrelenting...

5 Simple Asanas That Will Help Overcome Vertigo

Vertigo is a disorder or can be a symptom of a disease, where the person feels that all the objects around him are moving...

If You Bloat After an Intense Workout, Here’s Why-

We thought exercise was supposed to make our stomachs slimmer, no? You might feel bloated after working out, it probably isn’t directly caused by physical...

Is Warmup necessary?

Warming up, stretching and cooling down correctly are fundamental, yet often overlooked parts of any training program. Warm up before gym/yoga is not necessary but highly crucial...
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