Standing Lower Body Exercise

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    We all have times when we want to stop working out because we don’t feel like Tai from Clueless because our buns don’t feel like steel. Try this standing lower body exercise from Studio Qila founder Bridget O’Carroll instead of the 1990s training VHS (sorry, Buns of Steel 3).

    It has four lower body-toning, booty-blasting workouts that will get your posterior perkier and doesn’t require any special equipment.

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    How to: Take a wide stance and point your toes outward. While bending your knees such that they are broad over your toes, keep your body upright.

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    How to: Squat down to begin. Step one leg behind you and bend both legs to a 90-degree angle to form a curtsy.

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    How to: While standing normally, step one leg back while maintaining leg alignment. Before rising to a standing posture, both legs execute a 90-degree bending motion.


    How to: Position your lower body at a double 90-degree angle before launching into a lunge. Both of your feet can remain on the ground or you can launch into the lunge.

    Let us know how you liked this standing lower body exercise routine!

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