Photos: The Shweta Devraj Story.

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    Shweta Devraj is a social media rage and is also a trainer at her own gym and gives people fitness and nutritional advice online.

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    Her USP is that she designs workouts for working professionals.

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    The super impressive Swetha Devraj is both a practicing doctor and a super popular CrossFit trainer.

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    From workouts, stretch routines and notes on her adventures as a runner to meal prep and vegan diet tips, this page is informative, inspiring, and outright enjoyable.

    Shweta Devraj describes herself as a fitness lover, Unived and an Adidas athlete

    In 2012, Shweta Devraj ran from Mysore to Coorg, covering 120 km in two days, to help promote mixed martial arts in India

    Shweta Devraj is a vascular radiologist practicing in Bengaluru and is a fitness trainer as well

    Shweta Devraj also loves to run and has been a part of many marathons across the world.

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