For someone who has a conflicting passion for both Yoga and Corporate Work, Sushmita Mukhia is doing a great job as a banker as well as yoga teacher. Sushmita loves to stay busy and try new asanas, and certainly wants to keep getting better at what she does so she can help those in need.

“I want to create the awareness among people that yoga is not only about physical asanas and it is not a workout in any way”, says Sushmita Mukhia.

  1. How did you begin with your journey of Yoga?
    I always thought that Yoga was for older people, people who were suffering from some or the other ailments or who weren’t physically fit and so I always disregarded it. It was when I had begun with my MBA and started living in a hostel, did I start developing several health-related problems. I developed all sorts of gastric problems and had to undergo multiple medical examinations. The doctors even thought I had ulcers or stones! No matter where I tried to seek treatment, nothing seemed to make me feel better. That’s when a friend recommended Ayurvedic treatment.Rediscovering Yoga with Sushmita Mukhia
  2. So, Ayurvedic treatment came as a boon to you. Could you tell us how?
    After the recommendation, I gradually started delving into Yoga to strengthen the impact of the Ayurvedic treatment. What really turned the tables for me was when I learned about the concept of Jal-Neti (nasal cleansing) that helped me cure the problem of sinus. From what began as few pranayams and asanas 15 minutes a day soon turned into a full-fledged passion for Yoga! Soon after I started experiencing the magical benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda, I decided to go for a Teachers’ Training Course in Rishikesh where I learned about this ancient practice in depth.
  3. How do you manage to inculcate Yoga and healthy lifestyle in your busy work schedule?
    I am a firm believer of ‘Charity begins at home’. I used to be a workaholic until some time ago I realized that our body is all that we have and giving it the much-needed rest is the least we can. To ensure flexibility, I perform each asana at least 4-5 times and consume mint soaked water every night for detoxifying my body.Rediscovering Yoga with Sushmita Mukhia
  4.  How are Yoga and Ayurveda really linked?
    Ayurveda & Yoga are interlinked philosophies that help us understand the human mind as well and the body. It is easy to tame the body, but difficult to tame the mind as the mind travels swifter than the gust of wind. But yoga helps in training both mind and body, that’s why it is also referred to as a ‘work in’ instead of a mere workout.
  5. What is your intention behind teaching?
    I want to create the awareness among people that yoga is not only about physical asanas and it is not a workout in any way. But it is more about the mental and emotional connection. In fact much beyond that, it is an act of rejuvenating the prana (life force) inside you.
  6. Is there any book you’d like to recommend to readers about Yoga that had a positive impact on you?
    Yoga Sutras, Science of Pranayama, Yoga anatomy and the journey within and many more.
  7. In Yoga, you keep learning. What are you currently learning in your Asana practice?
    I am learning how to get detached from the worldly attachment of pleasures or comfort.
  8. Why is being present so important to you?
    As Sri Sathya Sai Baba always says that we all need to be present or focus on the present because yesterday is a past, tomorrow is a future and no one knows what will be the future but what we currently have is a present, that’s why present is called a gift. Since I have studied in His college in South India (Anantapur) so I follow His preachings.

A banker by profession immediately turned her attention towards Yoga. That’s your cue to begin now! Along with being a certified Yoga teacher, Sushmita Mukhia is also a Certified Nutritionist & Dietician. Make sure to check her out – IG: @yog_with_sushmita