Did Preeti Jhangiani Lose weight?

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    Amazing transformation comes with an intense journey of immense hard work and dedication. Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani has always been praised for her cute looks but ever wondered what makes her look so young & beautiful always? Well, she believes in maintaining herself through her diet and varied fitness routines. Always challenging herself and her body by constantly changing her workout routine.

    Preeti Jhangiani decided to challenge her inner strength by taking The Sculpt X 2 Weeks Challenge. The challenge was 2 weeks of intense training with different and fun functional and cardio techniques.

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    Preeti loves dancing & guess what dance was one of the cardio tricks to keep the ladies who were doing the challenge engaged. We also saw different variations of squats, planks, pushups, warmup & cool down techniques, during the workout days

    At first, it was hard to believe that can one really lose weight in 2 weeks, but the amount of dedication, energy & strength Preeti has put into this challenge is really remarkable.

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    Losing weight and gaining back muscle strength was the motive of this challenge, and Preeti Jhangiani made it a daily motivation, which was an inspiration for all the ladies out there who did not make time for fitness blaming their hectic schedules. She not only lost weight but gained muscle strength and increased flexibility.

    The Sculpt X 2 Weeks Challenge has brought an amazing transformation and is a great way of kick-starting your fitness routine!

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    We really love her transformation, what do you guys think?

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