Milind Soman’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is well known; the actor’s fitness levels continue to influence many admirers to this day. Not only does the 55-year-regular old’s training programme keep him strong and healthy, but he also maintains a balanced diet.

The actor from Paurashpur, Milind Soman, who just recovered from COVID-19, took to social media to explain what he consumes on a daily basis:

1. Breakfast 

Milind Soman On Diet, Fitness And Life

According to his post, he has his first meal of the day at 10 a.m., which consists of almonds, one papaya, one melon, and any seasonal fruit such as mangoes or grapes.

2. Lunch

Milind Soman On Diet, Fitness And LifeMilind’s lunch is all about Indian handmade cuisine, which he devours at 2 p.m. His lunch consists of rice and dal khichdi with seasonal and local veggies.

“For Khichdi, I use one part dal/rice and two parts veggies and garnishes it with two tablespoons of handmade ghee,” he says.

When he doesn’t eat rice, he likes to eat 6 chapatis with veggies and dal. A little piece of chicken/mutton or an egg is added to his meal once a month.

3. Evening 

He keeps his evening diet simple and drinks one cup of black tea sweetened with jaggery at 5 p.m.


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4. Dinner 

His meal at 7 p.m., according to his post, comprises a dish of vegetables/bhaji. If he’s very hungry, he’ll add some khichdi. And, oddly, he never includes non-vegetarian foods on his supper menu.

5. Dessert 

He noted in his article that if he eats dessert, it is generally sweetened with jaggery and he avoids sugar.

 6. Before sleeping

He loves to drink some turmeric in hot water, sweetened with jaggery, before going to bed.

7. At an arm’s length

His message indicates that he avoids overly refined, processed, and packaged foods as much as possible. There are no supplements or additional vitamins. He also avoids cold water and fizzy drinks and seldom relishes alcohol (once or twice a year).




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For actor Milind Soman, fitness entails more than simply “six-packs and biceps.” In a long Instagram post, the 55-year-old fitness fanatic talked out about what exercise meant to him.

“There’s a lot of talk about fitness these days! Fitness has always meant more to me than six-packs and biceps. Fitness begins and ends with the mind, which is most people’s weakest link, and the body follows where the mind leads. The option is mine, sometimes to tremendous heights, sometimes to destruction”, read a portion of Milind’s article.

“Fitness may be measured as abilities according to numerous characteristics, and my own top ten are, in order of significance,” he wrote.

Milind Soman’s fitness post comes only days after he published his eating regimen in an Instagram photo that went insanely popular on the Internet.