Females are just healthier than males from birth through old age. Males outnumber women in all except one of the top 15 causes of mortality, Alzheimer’s disease, which many men do not live long enough to establish. Despite the fact that the gender disparity is shrinking, men continue to die five years earlier than their spouses on average. (No, we ain’t being feminist here. Just pointing out facts.)

Respiratory Diseases

Every year, more males are afflicted with and die from emphysema than in previous years. When compared to other racial or ethnic groups, African-American males have a greater chance of dying from the illness. While workplace dangers such as asbestos enhance your danger, a cigarette is still the biggest risk factor for lung cancer. Men-Health-Problems

Prostate Cancer

However, while one in every six men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer at some point in their lives, only one in every 35 will perish from it. Many malignant tumors develop slowly and are unlikely to spread, but others are invasive. A digital rectal exam and blood work for benign prostatic hyperplasia are required for prostate cancer screening (PSA).

However, testing has never been proven to lessen the risk of dying from prostate cancer. This is because screening detects many cancers that would never be lethal if they went untreated. Diagnostics then leads to intensive delivery of anticancer drugs that are generally innocuous, causing issues such as infertility and incontinence.

Erectile Dysfunction

It’s possible that erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t your favorite subject. But if you get it now and then, you’re never alone: Between 15 and 30 million American males suffer from ED. The best part is that it is extremely curable. It can, nevertheless, be an indication of something more sinister. According to a study, even moderate, infrequent ED might be the first indicator of high blood pressure and diabetes.Men-Health-Problem-Depression


Depression is more than simply a lousy mood, a tough patch, or a case of the blues. It is an unfortunate event that has an impact on your entire body and general health. Melancholy, in effect, establishes the psyche link. Chemicals in the brain and biochemical factors are out of equilibrium. Rest, hunger and metabolism are all affected. According to research, males who are depressed are more prone to acquire the cardiovascular disease.

Formerly, analysts felt that depression afflicted significantly more women than males. However, this might just be due to men’s proclivity to conceal or display melancholy sentiments in ways that women do not.


Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. Strokes occur when a blood artery ruptures or a blood clot obstructs blood flow to the brain. Thankfully, up to 80% of attacks are avoidable. Know the symptoms of a stroke as soon as possible: Face drooping, arm weakness or numbness, communication difficulties, it’s time to dial 911 (Well, 102 here in India). Stay at a healthy weight, avoid booze and tobacco, and keep your blood sugar levels under control.