John Abraham’s personal trainer reveals the exercise programme that keeps him in shape at age 50

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    John Abraham has always had a gorgeous body, whether it was a sexy beach figure in Dostana or a muscular bad-boy frame in Pathaan. The actor has been exercising with fitness expert and celebrity trainer Vinod Channa for ten years, and he has assisted him in achieving the physique changes needed for his varied roles. Channa is familiar with the value of concentrating on a wide range of disciplines because she has over 27 years of experience in the fitness business, including time spent as a professional bodybuilder and a trainer. He is proficient in strength training, functional training, yoga, stick mobility, animal flow, martial arts, etc. and has certifications in more than 16 different fitness methods. In order to learn more about Abraham’s fitness journey throughout the years, we caught up with him.

    John Abraham

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    How long have you been John Abraham’s employee? What significant changes have you noticed in his physical condition since then?

    Vinod Channa: We’ve been collaborating for almost ten years. He used to solely do weight training before we started working out together. He had no practical knowledge of flexibility and movement. As a result, when John Abraham used to shoot action scenes, the risk of fractures and dislocations from rapid movements was there. This is why we started incorporating exercises for flexibility, fitness, and mobility into his programme.

    At the age of 50, John Abraham most recently made an appearance in the hard-core action film Pathaan. How did you get him ready so that he wouldn’t be hurt while you were filming?

    VC: As you become older, you have to put in more effort to keep your body flexible enough to perform all kinds of exercises. Therefore, we used to include mobility exercises in our workouts. For instance, we might perform a squat with a leap instead of a conventional one. We also concentrated on maintaining a healthy diet and making sure he had adequate downtime to recover.

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    Give a brief explanation of the exercise regimen you created for John Abraham. What are his routine’s primary focal points?

    VC: We train for around an hour and a half three to four times each week throughout the year. These workouts combine functional training, mobility, agility, speed, and endurance with weight training. We train him for three months before to a movie to make him ready for the part. If you’ve seen any of his films, you’ll notice that he’s played both roles that required a slender body and ones that required a muscular one.

    What would you say about his fitness philosophy?

    VC: I’ll use an incident to illustrate his fitness philosophy. He met a prince at a restaurant while I was on vacation with him in Thailand. The prince started making jokes about how John Abraham had consumed all the food as John Abraham pointed at the empty dishes in front of us. I informed him that it was not possible because I was aware of how rigorous his diet is when he has to meet his target.

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    He is quite disciplined and is aware of what needs to be done. Now that everyone has developed impressive bodies, the competition in Bollywood serves as another incentive to practise discipline and perform better.

    Would you like to offer any advice to those just beginning their fitness journey?

    VC: Find a trainer that is familiar with your lifestyle and goals. I’ve seen that a lot of people believe that striking out on their own is a smart move. After learning and mastering the fundamentals with a skilled trainer for a year or two, you can start working out on your own. You run the risk of hurting yourself right away if you lack the necessary information and direction.

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