International Men’s Day: Better Health For Men & Boys

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    International Men’s Day is observed every year on the exact date – November 19 – all over the globe. The objective of this plan is to highlight men who are making a good impact, to raise awareness about men’s wellbeing concerns, and to enhance relationships between men and women.

    Men, like women, face stereotypes on a daily basis all around the world. Men find themselves at the forefront of social conventions in a variety of scenarios, from being exhorted to “act like a man” to being likened to women for being outspoken and emotive.

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    The rainbow is theirs too!

    International Men’s Day: Better Health For Men & BoysWhile the notion of the swashbuckling maverick may continue in some thoughts, most of us can tell by a brief check at social media that we now span the whole spectrum, from extremely alpha to extremely beta, and all degrees in between and beyond. Ultimately, gender fluidity is challenging the entire concept of binary gender distinctions and what it means to be a “man.”

    Men are still imprisoned by stereotype danger on one extreme of the spectrum. Some individuals refer to complying with society’s view of what a guy should be as misogynistic. In other cases, this is counterproductive since it perpetuates the link between the poisoning and those masculine characteristics that aren’t toxic.

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    Feminism is for women AND men

    International Men’s Day: Better Health For Men & BoysWomen all throughout the world are fighting patriarchy and the prejudices that come with it. Men, too, are backing women in their battle for equality. Feminism, on the other hand, does not support stripping males of their rights and giving them to females. The same phenomenon must be imparted to boys from a young age in order for them to accept the philosophy of an equal world and not grow up to be fearful of a gender-neutral society. Steps must be done to secure the formation of a world in which men and women have true equality in all spheres of development.

    Emotions do not strip away their manhood

    International Men’s Day- Better Health for men and boysWe must show empathy to those who seem to be in the most need. Men, like women, must meet societal norms (or the supposed standards of others). However, we must examine why boys are suffering academically, why males are overrepresented in jails, and why suicide is the biggest cause of mortality among men under 50.

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    Men find it far more difficult to be sensitive since it goes against their gender roles. As a result, having a day that embraces male variety and shows us all that men, like women, do not have to be bound by stereotypes is a good thing.

    To men, cheers!

    Many people may be bewildered as to why guys require a particular day since they might be called masculine on any given day. Because formal days like this tend to recognize and promote the ‘underdog,’ the November event may look askance. Men, on the other hand, are just as deserving of praise and admiration as the more ‘mainstream’ groups.

    It is time to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices that a man makes for his family and society. Happy International Men’s Day!
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