Hugh Jackman claims he never used steroids while playing Wolverine

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    That body is entirely natural, baby.

    Hugh Jackman excels at one thing: occasionally piling on physical bulk to play Wolverine in several X-Men-related films. It’s a process he’s meticulously recorded over the years, from dishing out his exercise routine in the early days to sharing recordings of, to be honest, painful-looking gym sessions to get back in fighting form.

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    He’s presently preparing to reprise his role as Deadpool in Deadpool 3, which will be released in 2024 alongside Ryan Reynolds. Given the capacity to regain vascularity with Quicksilver speed, many would have assumed Jackman had some assistance along the road. Nevertheless, in an interview with Chris Wallace on HBO’s Who’s Talking, he cleared the air and explained that the Wolverine body is a myth.

    “Through the years, many have speculated, did he juice?” Wallace wonders. Did he use steroids?”, and Jackman says “No, I enjoy my work. I also adore Wolverine “I have to be careful what I say here,” he continues, “because I’ve been informed anecdotally what the adverse effects are of that. ‘I don’t love it that much,’ I said “. Steroid side effects can vary, but some of the more common ones include acne, hair loss, an increased risk of prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. Yeah, yeah, not great overall.


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    He then claims that the only assistance he’s received over the years has come from the several chickens he’s devoured along the road.

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    “I did it the old-fashioned way. And I tell you, I’ve eaten more birds — my apologies to all the vegans, vegetarians, and chickens throughout the world. Literally, my karma is not favourable. I’m in big danger if the deity has anything to do with chickens.”

    In the same interview, he stated that he plans to devote six months solely to getting back into shape for Wolverine, stating, “I’ve learned you can’t hurry it. That takes time, as I’ve discovered. So we have six months from the time I complete [The Music Man] until the time I begin filming. And I’m not doing anything else. I’m going to train with my family.

    It will be my task for the next six months “. Jackman has been in the Broadway production of The Music Man for nearly a year, with the show’s last performance on January 15th. While physically fit, he’s stated in the past that bulking for a superhero film and being skinny to be light on your feet for the stage couldn’t be more unlike.

    As a last message, he threatened the world’s chicken population once more, saying “Please accept my apologies, chickens. Run one mile. “Run immediately, for I’m coming for you.”

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