How to Stop Overthinking?

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    We might get intellectually and emotionally spent when we overthink. Sometimes we lose control of our thoughts and contemplate the worst possible things. This has a bad influence on our nervous system and can lead to symptoms of anxiety and restlessness. But how can we stop overanalyzing? Therapist Jessica Da Silva responded to this age-old query by writing, “Have patience and compassion with yourself during this process. It takes time and constant work to break deeply ingrained behaviours. Jessica furthered her explanation by stating that the fear of abandonment is the root cause of overthinking. Most of the time, it is a mental defence mechanism designed to keep discomfort at bay. We end ourselves thinking about the extreme during this procedure.


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    Be mindful of the triggers:

    We can manage how our minds function when we are aware of the circumstances that make us overthink. We must be prepared for such triggering events from the beginning and be able to remove ourselves from them.

    Take a couple of deep breathes:

    Traumatic events in the past are the cause of overthinking. The nervous system feels comfortable when we take a few deep breaths, which helps stop us from overthinking.

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    Object to your thinking:

    Going head-first into our ideas is often the only way to stop ourselves from overthinking. We should exercise mental restraint and check to see if our thoughts are rational and grounded in reality. There is no need to start freaking out over such things if not. By doing so, we may teach the mind to remain grounded in the present and refrain from daydreaming or constantly visualising the worst-case situations. Additionally, we must engage in encouraging mental conversations with ourselves and rearrange our perceptions so that they reflect reality. We can control overthinking in this manner.

    Solving issues:

    We should concentrate on how to fix the issue rather than on the problem itself. At times, letting go of fear and having faith that all will work out for the best will be the greatest approach to do this.

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