Fitistan High Knees Challenge

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    Fitistan makes certain that their ardent workout connoisseurs stay in shape! The High Knees Challenge is this week’s Friday fitness challenge and it’s a fun one.

    Don’t be fooled by the movement’s simplicity: high knees can be a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. High knees get your blood flowing while also activating your core and strengthening your legs. Learning how to do high knees will activate the entire leg, strengthen hip flexors, improve lower-body coordination and flexibility, and increase momentum in your stride.

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    How to Perform High Knees

    1. Begin by standing with your feet hip-distance apart.
    2. Lift your right knee as high as it will go and raise your opposite arm, then quickly switch so your left knee is up before your right foot lands. Continue eccentrically pulling knees up for as long as desired.

    Pro advice:

    • High knees aren’t designed to cover a lot of land. It is to fast raise the knees as high as possible. If you’re in your living room, you may just move a few inches or not at all, and that’s OK.
    • Your steps should be light and swift. To gain speed, concentrate on your landings rather than your knees. (Alternatively, return to kindergarten and pretend the ground is molten lava. Many a runner has sped up to avoid being scorched.)
    • Move your arms as though you’re running. Arm motions also assist to increase speed and engage the upper body.


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    • Duration – 2 minutes
    • Upload – Sunday 
    • Please mention your total count of High Knees & post your Challenge workout video on your social media handles & share the link in the Google Form

    Note – Anyone having joint or orthopaedic concerns please avoid them. Anyone having Cardiovascular trouble please avoid Jumping.

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for FitBharat Weekend Challenge

    • Please complete the challenge n mention your full name & time or reps done.
    • Once Challenge is done please DO NOT FORGET to fill out the Google form – 
    • Remember to tag 3 people (can be your friend/family/neighbour anyone) in your post.
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