Fit Bharat Free Fall Challenge

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    The Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge begins every week. This week’s challenge will certainly result in a blazing body, a beautiful set of rock hard abs, a sweat of satisfaction, and an endorphin rush.

    The Fit Bharat Free Fall Challenge will kickstart your exercise regimen and leave you feeling joyous and cheery by the end of the day. This really simple exercise will provide you with some sophisticated perks, which we will explore in more detail later. Let’s have a look at what this all entails…The Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home |

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    What good will a powerful abdomen do you?
    • Lower back ache will be avoided
    • Will make you appear spectacular and smart by improving your posture
    • With a muscular abdomen, you can breathe in more air more efficiently
    • A more trim waistline
    How do you perform a Free Fall exercise?


    Lie on your stomach on the floor.

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    As your starting position, make sure your thighs, hands, and chest are firmly planted on the ground.

    Raise your hands and legs into the air to begin the workout.

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    Check that your thighs are not in contact with the ground.

    Hold the position for as long as you can while maintaining proper technique and form.

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fit Bharat Friday Challenge:
    1. Please complete the challenge and mention your full name & time.
    2. Use the hashtag #FitBharatFreeFall
    3. Once Challenge is done please DO NOT FORGET to fill the Google form link below- 

    • Remember to Tag 3 People (can be your friend/family/neighbor anyone) in your post.
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