The Do’s And Don’ts Of Makeup Removal

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    With the holiday period still in full swing and the wedding season just around the corner, most individuals are preoccupied updating their wardrobes, tending to their jewellery collections, and ensuring they are in prime condition. Whilst all of this is vital, skincare should be addressed as well. Makeup is an essential aspect of maintenance, and removing it may greatly affect your appearance. While the skill of applying makeup is fascinating, the technique of wiping it with care must also be learned.


    Slowly and gently

    Stretching, pulling, and dragging your skin are all-natural reactions to removing makeup. Even if you don’t see it right away, it might cause serious harm to your skin. To guarantee that everything is entirely gone, go slowly, gently, and nicely to your skin.

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    Double cleanse 

    To begin, use a cleaning solution to dissolve things down a bit. Use an oil-based remover to ensure that the makeup on your whole face, especially your lipstick, is eliminated whilst massaging your face for 10-15 seconds. Don’t forget your neck.

    The final step is to wash your face with water. If feasible, keep a heated cloth on your face for a few moments to unclog the pores that have become clogged by the leftover debris and makeup.

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    Do it every day if you have to 

    Once you get home from work, all you want to do is collapse into bed and sleep. Naturally, wiping makeup at such a moment is difficult, and you probably believe that cleaning your face would suffice. However, know what? It won’t happen. Yes, it will break down the makeup and make you feel fresh and makeup-free, but only a makeup cleanser can totally eliminate it.


    Do not use face wipes 

    In comparison to the rest of your body, the skin of your face is the most sensitive. As a result, we must handle it with care; otherwise, the skin may be damaged, leading to acne or hyperpigmentation in the long run. When cleaning with wipes or cotton wipes, apply them softly on your face rather than dragging them on your sensitive skin.

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    Do not forget your moisturizer 

    Certain cleansers tend to dry up your skin by stripping it of its natural oils. After that, dab a generous amount of chapstick on your lips, use a moisturizing eye cream, and make sure the rest of your face is well-hydrated.

    Do not forget the small areas

    Makeup creeps into the crevices of your lips, eyelids, and ears, which you prefer to neglect. Apply some makeup cleanser on a Q-tip and thoroughly remove the leftover substance while eliminating mascara and kajal.

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