Dhadak Girl Janhvi’s Workout Glow…

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    Janhvi Kapoor the Dhadak Girl of Bollywood is breaking the internet with her fitness addict behavior. We are going crazy seeing her working out from head to toe to be in the race of fittest celebrities of Bollywood.

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    Janhvi Kapoor made her Bollywood Debut in July 2018 with blockbuster Dhadak movie. The Dhadak girl was always a fitness addict as she hits the gym regularly.

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    Janhvi is very particular about her eating habits & she is extremely health-conscious

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    Her breakfast consists of a glass of juice with some toast and egg whites. She also has cereals and milk.

    Lunch: She generally has homemade food items and loves to eat brown rice, chicken sandwich, salad, legumes, etc. On a day when she’s busy, she prefers fresh fruits or juices.

    Dinner: She eats her dinner 3 hours before going to bed and tries to have a light dinner, which includes vegetable soups, dal or boiled veggies, green salad, and grilled fish.

    At the gym, she does cardio exercises and weightlifting.

    If she’s not hitting the gym, she would go jogging, swimming, and jumping at home. Yoga is an important part of Janhvi’s workout routine.

    The young diva loves performing one-hour of yoga thrice a week.


    Apart from providing a number of benefits to your body such as weight loss, increased flexibility, improved heart health, yoga helps manage stress and anxiety, keeps you calm and relaxed.

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