Get Your Midweek Boost from Celebrity Fitness—from Sara Ali Khan to Shanaya Kapoor and Beyond

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    Social media’s celebrity fitness frenzy has reached its zenith, and surprisingly, we’re loving every bit of it. It might be your go-to pick-me-up on those gloomy days. From Preity Zinta’s dedicated pilates practice to Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan’s energetic fitness journey, and Soha Ali Khan’s leg day expertise, these weekly celebrity fitness videos are catching our attention, and they should be on your radar too.

    Preity Zinta is now a fervent advocate for pilates, a holistic fitness approach that’s become her loyal companion on the path to strength and flexibility. With celebrity fitness guru Yasmin Karachiwala as her guide, she’s taken her fitness journey to new heights. Pilates, renowned for its focus on core strength and body awareness, has transformed her routine into something profoundly harmonious.


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    Soha Ali Khan has also hopped on Instagram to share her leg day routine, featuring squats, lunges, deadlifts, and leg presses, which are the cornerstones of her impressive physical prowess.


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    Shanaya Kapoor recently graced Instagram with snapshots from the tennis court, and tennis itself provides a dynamic and physically demanding full-body workout. From intense rallies to lightning-quick sprints across the court, it delivers an outstanding cardiovascular exercise while boosting agility, coordination, and endurance.


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    And when it comes to dynamic duos, Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan are not only raising the bar on the silver screen but also in the fitness realm. Under Namrata Purohit’s guidance, they’ve embarked on a fitness journey that goes beyond traditional workouts, encompassing strength training, Pilates, and agility drills.


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    “Reaction training,” also known as “reactive training” or “agility training,” is a form of physical exercise dedicated to enhancing an individual’s ability to react swiftly and effectively to external stimuli or changing situations. This type of training is commonly used by athletes, military personnel, and those seeking an overall boost in fitness and coordination.

    If Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan’s workout routine has caught your attention, let’s dive into the benefits that await you:

    1. Sharper Reflexes:

    Reaction training hones your reflexes, enabling you to respond quickly to unexpected movements, objects, or stimuli, which is particularly valuable in sports and activities demanding rapid decision-making and quick responses.

    2. Enhanced Coordination:

    Engaging in reaction training exercises improves coordination among different muscle groups and boosts your overall agility, leading to better performance in various physical activities.

    3. Heightened Mental Acuity:

    Reaction training goes beyond physical responses, challenging your cognitive skills. It requires you to swiftly process information, make decisions, and act accordingly, sharpening your mental acuity and decision-making abilities.

    4. Injury Prevention:

    Developing agility and reaction skills can reduce the risk of injuries in various physical pursuits. The ability to adapt your movements in response to unexpected situations can shield you from tripping, falling, or colliding with obstacles.

    5. Sport-Specific Performance:

    Many sports, like soccer, basketball, and martial arts, involve rapid changes in direction and quick responses to opponents and the ball. Reaction training significantly enhances an athlete’s performance in these sports by improving their ability to react to changing game situations.

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