Can You Get Rid Of Your Hip Dips?

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    We all have been curious as to what hip dips really are. In reality, more than 3/4th of the people are unaware of the real essence of it. If you do a Google search on “what are hip dips”, you will not get a medical page explaining to you what they are, you will get an article that says how to get rid of them. Even if you look up “what are hip dips, medical”, you will most likely get a page that tells you what exercises can get rid of hip dips, because apparently, if you have this body type, you should try to change it because it’s not the “perfect” body the world advocates about.

    Hip dips (or violin dips) are no less than a blessing. If you have hip dips and are constantly trying to get them to “go away”

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    Here are some pointers you need to ponder over:-

    1. You do not need to get rid of your hip dips. Period.
    2. You actually CANNOT get rid of your hip dips (without surgery that is)
    3. Hips dips are showcasing the way your bones sit inside your body. You cannot twist & turn your bones or alter your bone structure according to your daily-changing desires.

    Most people didn’t even notice they had hip dips until the internet made a big fuss about it. There are some fitness influencers preaching about exercises to get rid of those hip dips and how they are “not desirable” which in actuality will never work. All this contributes heavily to the insecurity a person has and also their mental health in one way or another. Comparing yourself to other bodies which have gone through numerous surgeries to attain that shape is not at all healthy.

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    But one should not get the wrong idea, you can work on the muscle that sits right in the groove, the gluteus medius, in an attempt to minimize the appearance of smaller hip dips, however, it’s important to know that you can’t get rid of them entirely. Angles are everything. You can pose in certain ways that may make feel more confident where your hip dips are less visible.

    The kind of clothes you wear is also an important determiner of how prominent your hip dips are going to appear to other people and to yourself in the mirror. Wearing loose clothes or straight-line skirts which don’t hug your skin will give the illusion of no hip dips. However, if you wear clothes that fit you perfectly and portray the natural figure of your body, the truth is going to come out, and lying to yourself will be of no benefit whatsoever. The best exercise to get rid of hip dips? Accepting yourself as you are is the most recommended,  do give it a try. You don’t even have to get your body moving!

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    So, in conclusion, no, you cannot get rid of your hip dips, honestly, there’s no concrete answer as to why anyone in their right mind would ever want to!

    Everyone has hip dips, but how prominent they depend on a variety of factors including genetics, hip structure/width, and fat & muscle distribution.

    Your body needs no fixing, you are perfect the way you are. One should not give in to societal standards as something that defines their worth.

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