If You Bloat After an Intense Workout, Here’s Why-

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    We thought exercise was supposed to make our stomachs slimmer, no?

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    You might feel bloated after working out, it probably isn’t directly caused by physical activity.

    This is most common after an intense workout and can be a result of factors like water retention or inflammation.

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    5 Possible reasons for bloating

    Dehydration: Bloating is often your body’s response to lack of fluids.Be sure to hydrate before and throughout your workout to prevent this. Dehydration can also cause constipation, which could be the reason for your bloat.

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    Over-hydration: Yes, there is such thing as drinking too much water, too fast. Taking big gulps of water during high-intensity workouts can lead bloating

    Inflammation: As your body repairs itself after intense exercise, it sends extra fluid to your tissues to help patch up micro muscle tears. This is a normal process, and actually important for recovery, but that excess fluid may make you feel heavier than you did before your workout.

    Heat: If you typically notice bloating after working out in hot weather or inside a stuffy gym, heat could be adding to the problem. Try to work out in well-air-conditioned gyms and avoid wearing gear that’s too tight or that isn’t breathable.

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