Bipasha’s secret to sexy body

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    Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu has urged the youths to understand that fitness is about a way of life rather than a goal – and so, she says it’s always important to take right nutrients to be healthy.

    Workout routine

    Bipasha Basu follows a strict workout plan and does not miss it even a single day, except of course, if she is unwell. Her cardio includes:

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    • Treadmill- 20 mins.
    • Cycling- 20 mins.
    • Cross trainer-10 mins.

    She exercises 6 days a week and has a daily schedule for each workout.

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    • Day 1: She follows a complete upper body regime.
    • Day 2: It comprises of an abs workout.
    • Day 3: She follows a lower body and legs workout.
    • Day 4: It is fixed for a gluteus regime.
    • Day 5: She repeats her upper body workout.
    • Day 6: It is a combination of abs and gluts workouts.

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    She says that to get the perfect bikini body, she went on a high protein diet with enormous hours in the gym, and avoided her favorite sweets and fast foods.

    No wonder, her two fitness DVDs- ‘Love Yourself Fit and Fabulous You’ and ‘Break Free’ changed many lives and till today, continues to inspire people.


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