Banishing Negative Thoughts: A Spiritual Approach

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    Negative thoughts are frequently compared to unwanted plants, rambunctious birds, sticky Velcro, or lethal poison. All of these parallels are valid, depending on the negative thoughts and the person thinking them.

    Most of us are unaware of the damage that bad ideas in our heads may do. We accept them as inevitable risks and go about our lives, experiencing the repercussions.

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    When negative ideas become more than an inconvenience and become hazardous, it is time to wake up, take attention, and figure out how to cope with them.

    Negative thoughts should be shaken hands with.

    If you continue to oppose negative ideas and try to drive them away, they will follow you like a ghost. Let your bad ideas shake hands. ‘Come here and sit with me,’ say you. I will not abandon you,’ and you will see how swiftly they go. You are afraid of your negative thoughts.

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    You may SELECT which thoughts you wish to hear.

    Can’t Seem To Shake Off The Demons? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts Spiritually

    This is really crucial to understand. Thought organization is not something we learn as children, yet it is a life-changing skill.

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    We can truly CHOOSE the ideas we want to think about and then continue to think about them. Nobody can stop us or tell us that we can’t think like that. We have the ability to focus on what we deem essential, and we have the ability to pick whatever emotions we choose to experience. This is how emotions develop because our ideas generate our feelings – never the other way around.

    Remove yourself from your thoughts.

    This is a zen idea. We are not the sum total of our ideas. Every day, our brain generates around 60,000 thoughts. We don’t have to be accountable for all of them, or even any of them if we don’t want to.

    Our brains desire to be as efficient as possible. It is unambiguous. It doesn’t matter what it’s thinking; if it’s taught enough times, it’ll keep thinking the same thing again and over.

    We are not required to identify with our negative thoughts. They don’t have to be like us. We may learn to live our lives by detaching ourselves from concepts that do not benefit us.

    When you disconnect from your ideas, you will be able to comprehend them.

    Can’t Seem To Shake Off The Demons? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts Spiritually

    For example, if we recognise that we have been TAUGHT to think in certain ways — or that our brains have been taught to think in specific patterns — we may begin the process of deconstructing these thinking patterns and generating new ideas to accept.

    If we recognise that these bad ideas are caused by our fear, we may look at them objectively and concentrate on understanding why it exists. It’s a lot simpler to cope with if you understand what’s going on.

    We may then decide whether or not to continue putting our efforts into it.

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