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    Elle Woods had it right when she schooled us on the simplicity of hair care rules, but there’s a crucial detail missing from her famous advice—the scalp! That often-neglected territory atop our heads, the birthplace of our glorious locks, has been pushed to the sidelines like an influencer past their prime, despite the plethora of TikTok tutorials and hair wisdom.

    Scalp care isn’t just about overall cleanliness; it’s a matter of vanity, too. Robby LaRiviere, a seasoned hair expert and stylist at Biologique Recherche in Los Angeles, with 15 years of experience, insists, “A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Your scalp is the foundation for your hair health.”

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    Beyond ensuring a clean and moisturized scalp, there’s a financial incentive to keep it in stellar condition. “It allows your styles to last longer. We pay top dollar for a blowout, but if your scalp is oily, you will be washing your hair the next day,” emphasizes Robby.

    Here are his top-notch tips for giving your scalp the attention it deserves, rivalling the care you give to your skin.

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    Indulge in a Scalp Massage

    – People with fine hair or those grappling with hair loss often have tight scalps lacking proper blood flow. Revitalize it by massaging your scalp for a few minutes while washing your hair. This simple step enhances blood circulation and oxygen flow.

    Conditioner Etiquette

    – Decline the invitation for conditioner on your scalp. A pristine scalp is a healthy scalp, so prioritize a thorough cleansing. Reserve the conditioner for your ends to maintain optimal scalp health.

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    Tea Tree Triumph

    – Combat flakes with the power of tea tree oil. This natural remedy works wonders in reducing dandruff and soothing dry scalps, especially during chilly weather when indoor heating dries out the air, skin, and scalp alike.

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