7 Cheat Meal Ideas That Will Not Hurt Your Weight-Loss Results

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    Today is cheat-day! Is it Sunday today? Should I postpone my weekend until Friday? Whatever your cheat meal day entails, consume these delectable items in moderation to avoid undoing your week’s workout achievements.

    A pizza loaded with veggies

    It’s easy to order or cook at home, making it ideal for a cheat day. Don’t go for a cheese burst.

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    Chaats are a terrific Indian snack to enjoy guilt-free on cheat days, thanks to the healthiness of dahi and mint chutney.

    Made-from-scratch burger

    We are confident that this will be excellent as well! Choose multigrain bread and a variety of fresh veggies. Use light mayonnaise and go easy on the mayonnaise.

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    Pasta with tomato sauce

    Instead of ordering one, make one at home using fresh tomatoes, olive oil, wheat pasta, olives, broccoli, and bell peppers. Use milk instead of cream.


    Chickpeas are rich in zinc, vitamin B9, and fibre. Just remember to be careful with the puris. Consume a salad alongside your dinner.

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    Simply replace maida with oat, almond, or whole-grain flour. Garnish with your favourite fresh fruits.

    Dark chocolate

    Dark chocolate is a delightful after-meal indulgence that can aid in weight loss.

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