5 Easy Ways To Burn A 100 Calories

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    While tracking the calories you’re burning at a said time is not the correct way to lead your health & fitness journey, having some knowledge beforehand will do no harm.
    Once you’re aware of what form of exercise is best for you and brings you the best results, you can alter your routines accordingly thereafter.

    Here are some ways as to how you can burn a hundred calories:-

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    1. Walking
    Walking is the most common form of cardio performed by people worldwide as it does not require any level of prior fitness as such. While for running you may need to increase your stamina to run for a longer period, walking can be the right pick if time is not a problem and you’re a beginner. A 20-minute brisk walk will enable you to burn 100 calories, depending on your body weight.

    5 Easy Ways To Burn A 100 Calories2. Running
    Running is one of the most advocated forms of cardio as it’s on top of the list when it comes to the number of calories burnt. While it might not be a public favorite, running for approximately 10 minutes at a pace of 5 mph/8.5 kph can burn 100 calories, again depending on your body weight.

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    3. Climbing Stairs
    Due to COVID, going out of the house for a run or walk was/is not the most feasible option. If your house has stairs, you’re in luck! Climbing stairs burns almost an equivalent amount of calories as running for the same amount of time. Always be careful as you tend to lose balance at times. Climbing stairs for 10 minutes will help you burn around 100 calories depending on your body weight.

    5 Easy Ways To Burn A 100 Calories4. Jumping Rope
    If you can’t go out & don’t have access to stairs, skipping is for you! Not only is the equipment (a single rope) very cheap but also easily available. You can burn a good amount of calories staying at your house, and who wouldn’t want that?
    Skipping for 7-8 minutes will burn 100 calories depending on how much you weigh.

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    5. Yoga
    If you are not a fan of too-intensive forms of exercise, then starting yoga will allow you to burn some calories with low-intensity body movements. Depending on the type of, length & intensity of the yoga you’re performing, a 50 kg person can burn around 100-120 calories in a 30-minute session.

    These were some of the most admired exercises for burning calories in a short period of time. Definitely give these a try!

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