5 Bite Sized Thigh Exercises

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    Maximum effects in a short amount of time? Please, yes. That’s just what Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, the brains of the MWH Method for long, slim lines, has in store for us in this bite-sized thigh exercise. “In the quickest and shortest amount of time,” she promises, “we are going to sculpt that beautiful muscle tone.” (Using our native tongue.)

    “Today, we’ll perform an inner/outer thigh power sequence for around five minutes. I’m using one-pound weights, but at MWH, I’m a huge proponent of using what you already have on hand, she adds. Meaning: Using only your body weight for this exercise is completely acceptable. Grab a mat and proceed as described below.

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    1. Point to lift, flex to lower
    2. Tiny leg circles with bottom leg (forward)
    3. Tiny leg circles with bottom leg (reverse)
    4. Tiny heel taps
    5. Inner thigh leg lifts

    Point to lift, flex to lower

    How to: Begin by lying on your mat with one side up, as though you were ready to perform a side plank. In your hand, prop your head up. Keep your legs extended and pull your belly button in towards your spine. Then, lift both of your legs approximately an inch off the ground by pressing your heels together and keeping your toes apart. With your toes pointed upward, lift your upper leg, then drop it with your foot flexed. Do 10 repetitions. Concentrate on really contracting your inner thighs as your heels come together.

    Tiny leg circles with the bottom leg (forward)

    How: Continue to stand with your legs extended off the ground. Lift your upper leg, point your toes, and draw circles in the air that are approximately the size of an apple while advancing your leg.

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    Tiny leg circles with bottom leg (reverse)

    How to: Draw little circles by sliding your upper leg backward while keeping it raised in the air.

    Tiny heel taps

    How: Continue to stand with your legs extended off the ground. your heels together as you walk.

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    Inner thigh leg lifts

    How to: Bring your legs down to the floor. Put your foot behind you while bending your upper knee. Your knee should be pointed up towards the ceiling, and your foot should be flat on the floor. Ascend onto your forearm’s underside.  Lift your bottom leg up as you reach for your toes with your top arm. Lower your leg as you reach your arm up toward the ceiling.

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