5 Best Exercises for Men to Get Rid of Sticky Love Handles

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    If nothing appears to be working to get rid of those persistent love handles, it may be time to try something more than sit-ups and crunches. Include a completely distinct set of workouts.

    Circle of Side Planks

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    Side plank circles are a terrific version of the basic plank exercise that tones the buttocks while targeting the love handles, oblique muscles, and lower abdomen.

    Weighted Triangle Pose

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    The triangle position is an excellent stretching exercise that targets side fat while also strengthening the hamstrings. Adding weight to the manoeuvre makes the workout much more beneficial to your oblique muscles as a whole.

    The Russian Twist

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    Core activities, such as Russian twists, might assist expedite fat reduction by tightening and strengthening the whole abdomen while also growing muscles.

    Glute Bridge or Bridge

    This exercise not only targets the lower back but also the love handles.

    Mountain Climbers

    Mountain climbers are a great aerobic workout that raises the heart rate, strengthens the muscles, and aids in the reduction of body fat throughout the body, including the waist.


    Reducing love handles is a difficult and time-consuming task, but it is not unattainable. Combining the preceding activities with a few dietary modification adjustments will help you see a significant improvement over time.

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