Sweat Without Realizing It: 5 Surprising Activities That Secretly Count as Workouts!

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    Without realising it, are you exercising? Consider us in.

    We may improve our fitness during daily activities—not just at the gym—because movement is healthy for our bodies.

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    If you’re tired of your typical workout regimen or just want to add more movement to your day, check out the list of 5 activities below.

    Note: Depending on a range of variables, such as weight and intensity, the number of calories burned will differ from person to person.

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    1. Walkin’ and talkin’

    Happy hour is ended. Going for a walk with a friend is preferable to going out to a pub. Matcha and walks with our besties have become our new favourite social activities.

    2. Rucking

    Rucking is essentially walking with a heavy rucksack on your back. Strength training, which is crucial for gaining lean muscle, is snuck in here. Additionally, it aids in strengthening our bones, which is crucial for us women because 80 per cent of the 10 million Americans who have osteoporosis are female. Compared to men, we lose bone density more quickly.

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    3. Ahem…SEX…*cough*

    This is based on research showing that women burn, on average, 3 calories per minute while engaging in sexual activity.

    P.S. Burning more calories at the top than at the bottom. Get on them, cowgirl!

    4. Gardening

    Or really any type of in-person shopping, but this figure varies depending on things like pushing a cart.

    Oh, and opening boxes from online shopping also adds a little extra movement (maybe it’s time to order more goods we saw on TikTok).

    5. Grocery shopping

    I must go get some begonias now.

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