King of abs- Shahrukh Khan

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    The most awaited blog is here. Today’s blog is about the most handsome most charismatic actor in Bollywood. The king of romance the fitness addict of the industry Shahrukh Khan.

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    Shahrukh has always been in talks for his sculpted body which drool’s over everyone in his 50’s also. Of course, there’s a great deal of efforts behind Shah Rukh’s perfect body.

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    He started with 6 packs in Om Shanti Om and flaunted 8 packs in Happy New Year and became an inspiration for not just the youth but for the people of his age.

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    It took Shah Rukh 6 months to get 8 packs while most people require a year or more to get them.


    Shah Rukh works out for 5 days, 1 hour and 20 minutes in a week. Rest of the training has the power play technique and 10 minutes of cardio.


    Shah Rukh never skips abdominal crunches. His trainer changes his workout plan every fifteen days.

    Our Badshah Khan is so much dedicated to everything he does has perfection. Shahrukh Khan has proved us age is just a number dedication is the only key to fit sculpted body. He inspires a lot of us in Reel as well as real life, Isn’t?

    We just Love Srk’s dedication towards health and fitness.


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