Ranveer’s Drill Workout

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    Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh makes every woman swoon, doesn’t he? What’s more, he has a body that is to-die-for! It’s not just girls who go gaga over his muscular form; the men, too, yearn for a body like that!

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    Ranveer prefers to eat home-cooked meals. Eating junk food does not really go down well with him. He likes simple meals that are prepared without too much of a mess or fuss.

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    Eating the right kind of food is one of the first steps toward staying fit.

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    Ranveer does not believe in skipping his workout sessions, come what may.

    He believes that you must work out and train every day, without slacking.

    This will help your body get used to your routine so that you can begin a full-fledged workout.

    Ranveer believes in high-intensity training.



    His daily workout includes 2 sessions of one and half hour each.

    Ranveer doesn’t go for mere gymming. He firmly believes that running, swimming, cycling and/or playing a sport are equally important.

    It is crucial not to confine oneself to the gym. Participating in other activities is equally important in order to stay healthy and fit.

    • Breakfast: An egg white omelet and a banana
    • Light snacks: Dried fruits (almonds/walnuts) and a protein shake
    • Lunch/dinner: Fish or chicken, both rich in proteins

    This was Ranveer Singh’s fitness routine. With these helpful points, you too can work hard to get a body like Ranveer Singh! Go ahead and get fit.

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