Anushka’s fitness Agenda…

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    Anushka Sharma the beautiful actress who did her debut with ‘Rab ne Bana Jodi’ is always in talks for her amazing acting skills & she is again on the coast for her acting in ‘Zero’ she did an outstanding performance in the movie & we are in love with her.

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    Anushka has always been Fit and she makes sure her fitness routine is not interrupted due to the tight movie schedules.

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    Here’s how Anushka keeps herself fit out of her extremely busy schedule

    #1. Yoga is the mantra

    Anushka relies a lot on yoga for her lean stature. She believes it increases her flexibility and allows her to avoid the gym. Anushka despises the gym and prefers yoga over it. As she feels, yoga increases the flexibility and rejuvenates her mind after a long day of work.

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    #2. Rigorous gym workouts

    Despite hating it, the Band Baaja Baarat star needs to hit the gym four times a week, due to her work demands. She sometimes is required to gain/lose weight for a particular project. Her gym routine involves weight training and strength training. While most of the times she is away on shoots, so she prefers a walk or a jog.

    #3. Dancing her way to maintain fitness

    Just like her other unorthodox methods of exercise, Anushka dances for 30 minutes every day, thus strengthening her cardiovascular muscles. It is widely seen that dancers from all across the globe have a very fit body, and Anushka is no exception.

    #4. Meditation for the mind

    Anushka takes a mere time for herself and meditates for mental peace and She also uses meditation as a powerful tool to cleanse her mind. Meditation has the ability to clear your mind of all the chaos in return of keeping your body healthy. She meditates twice a day.

    #5. Says ‘NO’ to junk!

    • Breakfast– It comprises of two egg whites with a glass of fresh fruit juice.
    • Midday snack– She eats cheese toast with lime or coconut water.
    • Lunch– Anushka always carries lunch from home, which consists of homemade veggies, dal with two chapattis and salad.
    • Evening snack– She prefers to munch on protein bars or seasonal fruits. And, to finish off her day, she gulps down a glass of milk before going off to bed.

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