Deepika’s Love for Fitness!

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    The fit and the gorgeous lady is the daughter of Prakash Padukone, the famous badminton player. Initially, the heartthrob was a model before entering into Bollywood. Though the gorgeous lady started her modeling career quite earlier, she came into limelight with the advertisement of Liril soap in 2004.


    Deepika Padukone workout regime

    • She got up 6 in the morning and yoga asanas and stretching exercises followed by walking for half an hour.
    • To improve her strength, stamina, and stability; she likes to do pilates daily. Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and squats are also the core component of her workout regime.

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    •  Uses light weight training.
    • She also likes to do dancing to keep her feet and shed her flab.
    • Stretching exercises are an integral part of her workout regime.

    Deepika Padukone fitness tips

    • Deepika’s fitness mantra is “Make fitness your way of life”.
    • Eat fresh, healthy and nutrient-enriched foods.
    • Fitness doesn’t mean to be skinny or slim, in fact, one has to be healthy from inside.
    • Workout regime should be an integral component of your daily routine to keep oneself fit and healthy.

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    • To be fit and healthy, one shouldn’t only rely on diet and exercise; one must also incorporate some sports into their workout regime.
    • Dancing helps to shed extra calories if failed to attend the gym.

    • Intake of plenty of water along with a balanced diet and adequate sleep is the secrets of the awesome fitness of the svelte beauty.

    Deepika’s Yoga exercises

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    The gorgeous lady is very fond of Yoga, asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Her Yoga session is a comprehensive module which comprises Surya Namaskar (10 cycles), followed by Marjariasana (Cat pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand), Virabhadrasana (The warrior pose), Deep breathing, Pranayama, and Meditation.

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